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To make an application to a court for a rule or order, or to take action in any matter. The term comprehends all things necessary to be done by a litigant to obtain an order of the court directing the relief sought. To propose a resolution, or recommend action in a deliberative body. To pass over; to be transferred, as when the consideration of a contract is said to move from one party to the other. To occasion; to contribute to; to tend or lead to.

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v. to make a motion in court applying for a court order or judgment. (See: motion, movant)

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"Move On signed me up to their peer education programme, with the hope that it would push me out of my comfort zone and help me gain further qualifications.
He got the chance to become a peer mentor at Move On.
"It's been refreshing for me to share my experience of Move On with other service users.
"I hope I am able to do the same for others as Move On have done for me."
"As time went on, with the support of the team at Move On, I developed into the person I am today.
He added: "I honestly don't think I wouldthe things I've learned and experienced at Move On. I have had many struggles but they've always been there.
Depot manager Scott Crawford, 46, from Glasgow's west end, first got in touch with FareShare through Move On.
"I knew when I came into Move On and then FareShare that this was a good service that was really helping people.
Move On - who celebrate their 20th Anniversary this year - operate from bases in Edinburgh and Glasgow, targeting people affected by homelessness and vulnerable young people.
FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland are operated by Move On in partnership with their UK-wide FareShare parent charity.
She said: "I'm delighted to be officially opening Move On and FareShare Glasgow's new food and training depot and to celebrate Move On's 20th anniversary.