move onward

See: progress
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In some months of the year, however, there often chances a forenoon when affairs move onward with a livelier tread.
I'd expressed interest in the choir some time earlier, so it was decided that, rather than disband, we should re-name ourselves Solihull Choral Society and move onward and upward.
We are thrilled to move onward and upward with N6A and hope that the Gael Nation will join us in the 2015-16 'Root to Shoot' campaign.
But the administration in spite clear laws was reluctant to remove public nuisance and let the transport move onward obligatory.
But when the time came to move onward and upward their families (and often they themselves) would decide to stay put because of the quality of life and the attractions of the bays and countryside.
Improved and refined, successful people move onward and forward in facing their next challenge and life lesson.
And while there are obstacles facing "second steppers" who want to move onward and upward, there are some definite advantages to not being new to the property game.
Other colleagues have shadowed staff in departments such as marketing, gaining the work experience they need to move onward and upward.
With these policies in place I firmly believe that Warwickshire will move onward and upward.
Some of the "yes" votes might have been cast to give Mursi a chance to move onward and rule.
We look forward to the future of San Nicolas Island and will continue to work with our partners and partnering agencies, as we move onward in our stewardship and observe the long term natural resource benefits from the Seabird Restoration Project.
When it publishes its findings by the end of October, everyone will know what happened during those dark times, which will help all of the country move onward.