move onward

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POSCO CEO Jeong-Woo Choi remarked, "As a member of the local, regional and global community, companies should look beyond profit and contribute to making the world a better place." He continued, "With the Charter firmly in place, let us pursue mutual growth with the stakeholders involved in all our business activities and move onward and upward with our core vision--Business with POSCO, Society with POSCO, and People with POSCO.
As a follow-up step to move onward from R&T to capability development, EDA proposed to Member States to test AM during a military exercise under real-life conditions.
Participants were revitalized to move onward and upward in their career with compelling keynote speakers, interactive breakout sessions and enough thrills to NAMA attendees like they've never been NAMA'd before (thank you president Sheri Seger for the brand-new verb!).
Once and if the Turkish forces move onward to Manbij and elsewhere that will no longer be the case.
He further said that the proposed elevated expressway having a length of 10km and if executed would be landing near Gul Bai to allow the port traffic to move onward to Northern Bypass but not disturbing the city life.
"If Democrats were smart, they'd realize it's time to move onward from Hillary Clinton altogether," Ahrens added.
On April 22, they headed out from Oman to visit Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and then move onward to the Far East.
Wages are finally starting to move onward and upward.
The Cabinet was also briefed on the points raised by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, second deputy premier and minister of defense, about his chairing of the 15th meeting of the GCC defense ministers, citing that everybody is looking forward to seeing the GCC move onward, particularly in the defense field amid the current challenges engulfing the countries in the region which necessitate more coordination and work and the taking of prompt action.
Haji Sadiqullah Khan told media all of the activists from PK-78 and PK-79 will gathered at Toor Ghat in Swari from where in they will move on way to Mandan tehsil and Totalai tehsil to join PK-77 activists and to finally gather at Swabi inter change with activists from whole of Malakand and to move onward under command of divisional president Mehmood Khan and to join KP activists at KP-Punjab entry point and to move onward under the leadership of PK leaders.
In the future the moon can become a place where the nations of the world work together." The only nod the video makes to exploring Mars is in characterizing the lunar surface as "a place where we can learn to move onward into the Solar System." The video comes at a critical time for NASA with the United States entering into a presidential election year.
"I'd expressed interest in the choir some time earlier, so it was decided that, rather than disband, we should re-name ourselves Solihull Choral Society and move onward and upward."