move quickly

See: hasten
References in classic literature ?
Tarzan let his eye move quickly toward that part of the British line the German seemed to be scanning, his keen sight revealing many excellent targets for a rifle placed so high above the trenches.
Summary: Those people who have not yet experienced the delights of the Global Village will need to move quickly, with the iconic event finishing up for this season today.
US: President Barack Obama late Wednesday ordered the US government to move quickly to get search and rescue aid to the state of Alabama, where 45 people have been killed in severe weather.
The molecules in a warm drink move quickly and they crash into the molecules of the ice cube.
3 : to move quickly <Roy's eyes flickered to her hand .
FA supremo Brian Barwick will have to move quickly for Jose Mourinho - or face losing him to Spain's Real Madrid.
the broker on the River Vale Country Club deal, added, "When you need a financier who can move quickly and understands complex transactions, Palisades Financial is the solution.
Early in its development," says Colin Carter, sales director, ZF Lenksysteme GmbH, a joint venture between Bosch and ZF, "there was an expectation that the industry could move quickly toward the adoption of a full steer-by-wire system.
Successful firms will move quickly to fill the partnering slots with the best partners and preempt the competition.
But, based on what has been announced so far, there are two major issues that cause us concern: the associated costs of truck driver registration/security checks and the need for border infrastructure improvements so that pre-cleared trucks can move quickly through dedicated lanes.
paradisi move quickly from treetop to treetop as it chases prey and flees predators, speculates Socha.