move quickly

See: hasten
References in classic literature ?
Tarzan let his eye move quickly toward that part of the British line the German seemed to be scanning, his keen sight revealing many excellent targets for a rifle placed so high above the trenches.
According to a report, expressing concern over human rights situation in occupied Kashmir, he said India should move quickly to release detainees to restore basic freedoms and a return to normalcy.
Central banks should move quickly to address economic pains when interest rates are already low, the president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank said Thursday.
With email and texting and Twitter and all, conversation and communication move quickly. Our schedules and obligations often feel as though they are moving at breakneck speed.
Last I checked, sizes were still available, but this is a sale and things move quickly, so move quickly!
Summary: Those people who have not yet experienced the delights of the Global Village will need to move quickly, with the iconic event finishing up for this season today.
They were keen to move quickly and bring in a new signing, but tomorrow is a deadline day for the NHL lockout and Devils will be patient.
US: President Barack Obama late Wednesday ordered the US government to move quickly to get search and rescue aid to the state of Alabama, where 45 people have been killed in severe weather.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday vowed to push Israel and the Palestinian Authority to move quickly toward resolving the core issues required to establish an independent Palestinian s
Kissy Sellout, Sidney Samson and Deadmau5 will join Fatboy for the biggest gig of the year - move quickly for the remaining tickets!