move speedily

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Besides, we also need to move speedily towards exportable branded rice and rice-based products.
Japan was far more diverse historically than people believe, and as Japanese cities move speedily toward multiculturalism, and as mixed-heritage sports stars such as Naomi Osaka and Asuka Cambridge find global success, Yasuke's story again bears relevance to the present day.
This means that we must move speedily to adopt a forward-looking plant health policy and massively invest in the upgrade and expansion of our plant health infrastructure.
He expressed the hope that Punjab will once again become all greenery and the journey of progress and prosperity which the province had started in 2002 will move speedily towards its this destination.
We hope that will move speedily, but on past form we're not holding our breath.
The silver lining is that increasingly, many entities in the UAE are pledging to help the country move speedily towards the 2020 United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 and reduce food wastage by 50 per cent.
The National Commissioner of SAPS must move speedily to reclaim the credibility of the SAPS and must ensure that any official suspected of crime is properly investigated and processed accordingly.
There was some work happening on the tracks when the train arrived at full speed - the train is known to move speedily as it does not have a stop here - when suddenly stones began flying around everywhere.
The Chief Minister said, "Under the leadership of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, we have to move speedily in this direction."
In the statement, issued after an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in the North African country, the Arab countries said they were relieved that UN-mediated peace talks had resumed in Geneva and appealed to all parties to the Libyan conflict to show flexibility, protect the country's higher interest and move speedily to form a national reconciliation government.
As Punjab produces around 2.2 million tons of kinnow every year and in order to strengthen this potent crop further, its need of the hour that provincial govt may be add the kinnow crop in their support price list, like they do in Wheat and Sugar Cane, because kinnow orchards also move speedily in South Punjab as well.
He added that "the free world" should "move speedily and exert pressure to put an end to the tragedy of the Syrian people."