move speedily

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The National Commissioner of SAPS must move speedily to reclaim the credibility of the SAPS and must ensure that any official suspected of crime is properly investigated and processed accordingly.
He called on Federal Government to move speedily to conclude formalities and make payment in respect of the 12 A29 Super Tucano Aircraft 'so that the nation's military could be stronger in confronting insurgents and give confidence to the fighting soldiers.
There was some work happening on the tracks when the train arrived at full speed - the train is known to move speedily as it does not have a stop here - when suddenly stones began flying around everywhere.
The Chief Minister said, "Under the leadership of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, we have to move speedily in this direction.
Summary: They should move speedily in trying to put together a free trade deal with the UK
In the statement, issued after an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in the North African country, the Arab countries said they were relieved that UN-mediated peace talks had resumed in Geneva and appealed to all parties to the Libyan conflict to show flexibility, protect the country's higher interest and move speedily to form a national reconciliation government.
2 million tons of kinnow every year and in order to strengthen this potent crop further, its need of the hour that provincial govt may be add the kinnow crop in their support price list, like they do in Wheat and Sugar Cane, because kinnow orchards also move speedily in South Punjab as well.
In their various reports, civil society organisations have stressed that Pakistan will have to launch a new drive for internal resource mobilisation as well as divert resources from other non-productive pursuits and activities to move speedily towards achieving the MDGs.
Implementation of the deal has been delayed on several occasions despite repeated meetings between the two parties but on Sunday they agreed to move speedily ahead with the elections.
urged the UN and international community to move speedily to protect the lives
Foxes move speedily and obliquely and don't view experiences through the prism of one idea.
One big challenge, as in post-Saddam Iraq or pre-democracy South Africa, is how to persuade the (often fearful) members of the power-holding minority to loosen their grip and move speedily to a one-person, one-vote system.