move to action

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The material is organized into three large parts: Commitment to Equity, Transformative Change, and Implementation; Culturally Proficient Professional Learning; and Move to Action.
Extensive consultations with all the concerned stakeholders were undertaken during the last seven months and the emphasis should now move to action.
Engaging government The report states that before banks move to action they should consider three sets of questions on (1)whether the MSME segment is sufficiently part of the bank's strategy; (2) whether the bank has the required capabilities to serve the MSME segment; (3)whether the bank is ready to execute at scale against the opportunity.
3 : to move to action especially by causing upset, surprise, or disgust <"Oh, Davy," said Dora primly, shocked into speaking .
In the move to action, program administrators must address the affective factors that influence faculty participation and then outline a system of support that begins with recruitment and continues throughout the life of the program.
As we move to action steps our clients learn to love our process.
Persuasive evidence shows that coral reef systems worldwide are subject to a host of natural and human-caused stresses and that these factors contributing to coral reef decline will continue unless we move to action," says Joanne Delaney, a research interpreter for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, which works to preserve and protect the Florida Keys' coral reefs.
While it seems that the entirety of England's lay population belongs to the imagined potential audience of these works, the publication history suggests that only a segment of the lay nobility, which Trevesa and Berkeley hoped to move to action, was the actual target audience.
As Carolyn Leonard, Coordinator of Multi-Cultural Education in Portland, Oregon, said: `Honest conversation is the most basic point--a paradigm that must not be eliminated as we move to action.