move toward

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In fact, I had actually begun to move towards the door when Monsieur Markov entered--a grey-headed man with thievish eyes, and clad in a dirty dressing-gown fastened with a belt.
As some of the clerks wanted to move toward CM House and tried to remove the barriers, the policemen resorted to tear gas shelling and used water cannons against them.
Summary: Companies sign MoU to move toward supply chain services for military vessels
Today we should move toward changing the old approach towards research, a kind of approach which has been created based on reliance on oil revenues and has influenced research environment of the country," Sattari said.
NNA - Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has warned of a new wave of Syrian refugees totaling as many as 80,000 after people began to move toward Turkey due to increased airstrikes in the countryA's northwest.
As can be seen in figure 3, the move toward TSNR was relatively rapid in Malaysia and Indonesia as compared to Thailand.
We are interested in moving from the past and to move toward good neighbouring relations and peace.
Yedioth Ahronoth added in its report that the move toward normalization is a radical shift from the previous position of Al Jazeera which did not broadcast a similar event in 2006.
It is a journey of self-discovery and maturation for them as they move toward a final and unexpected resolution.
If smaller cars and hybrids are both better for the environment and sell better than the ridiculously large SUVs, why doesn't the American car industry move toward smaller, more fuel-efficient cars?
A major influence was artist Ross Bleckner, whom he served as assistant for a time and who advised him to move toward modernism (4).
The agency is accomplishing its move toward departmentwide COPS practices through structural changes, training courses with all employees, and a redirection of command staff focus to support efforts at the line level.