move toward

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"Yes," I continued, "I had better come again tomorrow, for the weather may then be better, and I shall not have upset the milk, and these generals will not be looking at me so fiercely." In fact, I had actually begun to move towards the door when Monsieur Markov entered--a grey-headed man with thievish eyes, and clad in a dirty dressing-gown fastened with a belt.
A move toward tree selection based on compatibility with local conditions is a move toward a city that survives.
"Today we should move toward changing the old approach towards research, a kind of approach which has been created based on reliance on oil revenues and has influenced research environment of the country," Sattari said.
He also believes that the move toward single stream is blurring the line between recyclables and garbage and undoing several years of recycling education about keeping recyclable commodities clean out of consideration for consuming mills.
"The move toward self-insurance, to some extent, is being prompted by the insurance industry's underwriting restrictions.
That means, say the authors, that we need to begin to move toward a global energy transition within this decade and we need to pursue it "with the urgency of the Manhattan Project," which developed the atomic bomb in less than three years.
Generally, the move toward cast aluminum blocks has occurred slower than previously expected due to cost issues.
We do not see any likely near-term move toward providing widespread direct connection of desktop clients to separate, high-bandwidth, storage consolidating networks.
Nisbet and his colleagues suggested that an intermediate point to photosynthesis may have been the ability to detect light and move toward or away from it.
Several predatory animals move toward their prey in this way, contends Michael K.
They can detect very low concentrations of chemicals in their environment and then move toward the source.