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To make an application to a court for a rule or order, or to take action in any matter. The term comprehends all things necessary to be done by a litigant to obtain an order of the court directing the relief sought. To propose a resolution, or recommend action in a deliberative body. To pass over; to be transferred, as when the consideration of a contract is said to move from one party to the other. To occasion; to contribute to; to tend or lead to.

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v. to make a motion in court applying for a court order or judgment. (See: motion, movant)

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In Wheaton, the owners will re-create a European-style deli and offer a sit-down menu of small bites for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- a first for Moveable Feast.
In the petition, Quddusi's counsel Raja Bilal Asif has requested the court to set aside the impugned orders passed on December 14, December 11, November 21 and all subsequent orders of the court to initiate the process of attachment and sale of Quddusi's moveable property.
Under the Federal Commercial Transactions Law (previous Law), physical possession of moveable asset was required to be delivered to a creditor to perfect the security over that asset.
Elaine MacEachern, Global Specialist, Secured Transactions and Collateral Registries for the World Bank Group's Finance and Markets Global Practice, said: "The enactment of this law is a critical first step in developing a secured lending framework in Zambia that protects the rights of all types of regulated financial institutions, microfinance institutions, and leasing companies, encouraging them to provide financing secured by moveable collateral.
Commercial banks in the nation will soon accept moveable asset as collateral when granting loans in the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector.
Moveable feast is a non profit organization that provides nutritious foods and other services in order to preserve quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions.
Moveable Feast is a company of actors and writers based in West Yorkshire.
The heating platen on the moveable traverse is at operator height and its open position is constant, whatever the mold thickness.
Thomas has also become a place that spreads the Gospel through religious dramas and concerts performed by parishioners, where feasts can be commemorated in various settings because of the moveable altar and furnishings and where the centrality of baptism is dramatized by a baptismal font that can he moved to the centre of the worship space.
Another more extreme example of commonality extends to the moveable rear spoiler Webasto makes for VW's Beetle: the same mechanism is used to activate the spoiler of the Bentley Continental GT.
Their software, Moveable Type, has been available for free personal use throughout that time, and has become one of the most popular applications for maintaining a personal web site or weblog.
Thanks to Moveable Type, hundreds of thousands of people have been able to set up a sophisticated website packed with smart features, without having to worry about doing any programming or messing about with HTML, the language that web pages are made of.