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The researchers conclude that the "behavioral composition" of the social networks of teenagers who have moved, as well as these teenagers' own risk behaviors, best explains why they are more likely than others to begin having intercourse.
I moved to the top when the need for change had been acknowledged by the university administration.
A comprehensive detailed inventory is your best tool for controlling costs, Preparing a detailed and accurate list of all items of furniture and equipment to be moved is essential.
The mover's representative should bring a list of the last five companies whose offices his or her company moved, with contact names and phone numbers.
Examples of recent transactions where major tenants have opted to trade up to Class A property include the Equitable Life Assurance Society, consolidating the bulk of their operations from 2 Penn Plaza and 135 West 50th Street to 500,000 square feet at 1290 Avenue of the Americas; Alliance Capital, who also moved from 135 West 50th Street to 1345 Avenue of the Americas for 400,000 square feet; and Anderson, Kill, Olick & Oshinsky P.
During the pilot's run, participating contractors moved 23,400 shipments.
Recently, for instance, MCB moved the American Cancer Society to Atlanta to occupy 80,000 square feet of space in two separate buildings, spread out on a total of 11 floors.