movement forward

See: progress
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Granet made a stealthy movement forward. He had been edging a little closer to the desk and he was barely two yards away.
Her walk was not that hybrid and uncertain gliding affected by some women, but a frank, strong, healthy movement forward. Rapidly she increased the distance-- disappeared with suddenness at last.
Therefore the fight for an NDP government represents the only available, practical, class perspective for taking the broad workers' movement forward, independent of the bosses' parties.
She added: "The UAE forefathers have passed on the baton of happiness to the country's youth and it is our responsibility to take this movement forward as we continue the 'pursuit of happiness'."
PTI central leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi has termed summoning of NA session a significant movement forward.
He said it was only because of Mufti Sayeed's sustained efforts that a significant movement forward was seen on cross- LoC confidence building measures, both in 2002 and 2015.
"Our hope was that an atmosphere will be built up, that will be positive and will contribute towards a positive movement forward, but there are obviously forces that don't find this an attractive proposition, who want to interfere with any movement forward between India and Pakistan.
We look forward to collaborating with governments and universities to take this movement forward with a lot of momentum," he added.
Meanwhile PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif has said adoption of resolution by UN on according status of observer state to Palestine with overwhelming majority is significant movement forward towards independence of people of Palestine.
Yet despite the ultimate acceptance of wage reductions, the CAW's response to Canadian Airlines demands for concessions has actually helped to push the labour movement forward, from both an analytical and strategic perspective.
Ambitious, large-scale and innovative objectives which ROSATOM is facing today in the country and beyond are the backlog for further successful movement forward of the nuclear industry, Tatiana Terenteva, HR Director at ROSATOM, shares her opinion.

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