movement of population

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In that transition, whole social systems broke down and had to be rebuilt, there was a vast movement of population from the land into cities, and power shifted massively towards those who were quick to stake a claim on the fuels -- notably coal -- that would define the new age.
Due to the regular movement of population between the Congo and South Sudan via the Western Equatoria, South Sudanese health authorities have established 17 screening point also the border between the two countries to detect any travellers infected with the Ebola virus.
'The minister was well aware of the movement of population from Afghanistan to Pakistan and said strict measures should be taken to check the transmission of the virus to Pakistan.
He noted that the legal opinion provides for legal accountability for the illegal actions of Armenia and third parties, which are classified in the following areas: establishment of settlements and movement of population in the occupied territories exploitation of natural resources of Azerbaijan and trade in them economic and financial activities changes in infrastructure, operation of telecommunications network change in the cultural heritage of the occupied territories development of tourism, as well as the organization of illegal visits and other activities.
He said there is massive movement of population into and within Karachi particularly in these high risk union councils.
'The widespread movement of population during the festive season, it can cause Dengue Fever infections to transmit more quickly if there are Aedes mosquitoes in their surroundings,' he said in a response to Malay Mail.
A MAJOR problem facing traditional political parties in rural Wales is the movement of population.
Even though permanent transit points have been set up at strategic routes, the movement of population at such a scale poses a set of unique challenges, he added.
But a European Commission spokeswoman said free movement of population was a basic EU principle.
Natural movement of population together with the migratory one constitutes one of the components which determine the evolution of a population in time.
The essence of population transfer remains a systematic coercive and deliberate [...] movement of population into or out of an area [...] with the effect or purpose of altering the demographic composition of a territory, particularly when that ideology or policy asserts the dominance of a certain group over another.
The statistics attributed the increase in the movement of population during the daytime to two main reasons.

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