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From onsite to online, HMC movere creates dynamic health challenges and campaigns, which engage employees to drive meaningful change.
Stare decisis is the abbreviated form of the Latin phrase stare decisis et non quieta movere, meaning "to stand by and adhere to decisions and not disturb what is settled.
I]am non esset primum movens, quo subtracto alia movere non possunt, cum non moveant nisi per hoc quod moventur a primo movente.
The word itself is derived from a Latin word movere, which means "to move" (Steers and Porter, 1979).
Movere Pictures, who produced the film, was set up by LJMU graduates including Stephen Ryan, pictured centre, with "actors" Alistair James and Lorna Young of city PR firm Kenyon Fraser, who are overseeing the campaign Caravan Parks/Mobile pounds 1 MILLION POUND STOCK CLEARANCE.
1011, 1016 (2003) ("Stare decisis' is short for stare decisis et non quieta movere, which means 'stand by the thing decided and do not disturb the calm.
O autor, com intenções discursivas bem determinadas--delectare e movere os seus ouvintes-, institui os objetos-de-discurso com expansões sintático-semânticas e estilísticas complexas, "numa multiplicação progressiva de aspectos para os quais ele chama a atenção" (Perelman e Olbrechts-Tyteca, 1999, p.
Dadme un prejuicio y movere el mundo" (Cronica de una muerte anunciada 113)
As its title indicates, this collection focuses on the "dialogical relationship" (9) between life and death that many of the period's death narratives display, frequently in an effort to play off the dichotomy of movere and docere, and proposes to explore the complex nature of this phenomenon.
Non potest dici talis virtus esse in ymagine a demone ministerialiter, quia angelus nihil potest immediate nisi movere res naturales que a sua forma habent virtutem, et ideo per motum lapidis posset hominem interficere.
19) Affirming "the psychological and moral importance of the human affections" (Hoffmann 1994, 201), Erasmus argues that speech is rational and ethical to the extent that it "confirms and intensifies the positive dispositions of the heart as much as it negates and changes its negative inclinations," and thus becomes effective by moving and changing us through seizing and delighting us: movere, flectere, rapere, and delectare imply one another in ways that enact word (logos) becoming flesh, Christ being resurrected in the heart (Hoffmann 1994, 225-26; Bennett 2000, 30-51).
silvestris homines sacer interpresque deorum / caedibus et victu foedo deterruit Orpheus, / dictus ob hoc lenire tigris rabidosque leones; / dictus et Amphion, Thebanae conditor urbis, / saxa movere sono testudinis et prece blanda / ducere, quo vellet, fuit haec sapientia quondam / publica privatis secrnere, sacra profanis, / concubitu prohibere vago, dare iura maritis, / oppida moliri, leges incidere ligno.