moving force

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THE vengeful Miss Havisham, jilted at the altar as a young bride, is the moving force behind the classic story Great Expectations, being performed on stage in Kenilworth.
He credits Dianne, however, for being the moving force behind the studio's environmental action.
Connell, who oversees unclaimed property sales, was the moving force behind California's ban, the first in the nation.
Mayor Dinkins, an early proponent and moving force behind the IBI program, said "Our objective for the IBI was to serve as a resource for foreign-owned companies and to facilitate their business development as much as possible.
But I can say that Rowan is the moving force behind a small group of tenants who have made a series of unfounded charges against the park owners.
The academy's founder, director, and moving force, Susan Quinn - a member, during the eighties, of my own Solomons Company/Dance and later of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company - has modeled its program after that of her alma mater, New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
Rosenblatt, who was the moving force behind the expansion of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, including the construction of the Temple of Dendur and the newest major halls, is bringing the sensitive eyes of an artist to the battleground of the city streets.
Kelvin Boston, who produces ``The Color of Money,'' a personal finance show syndicated on Black Entertainment Television and PBS, was a moving force in creating the index.