moving power

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At the further end the great churn could be seen revolving, and its slip-slopping heard--the moving power being discernible through the window in the form of a spiritless horse walking in a circle and driven by a boy.
Possessing coal, she always has the moving power at hand.
It was amusing, too, when we had dined, and rattled down a steep pass, having no other moving power than the weight of the carriages themselves, to see the engine released, long after us, come buzzing down alone, like a great insect, its back of green and gold so shining in the sun, that if it had spread a pair of wings and soared away, no one would have had occasion, as I fancied, for the least surprise.
You were the moving power of all this machinery before my birth; your stronger spirit has been infused into all my father's dealings for more than two score years.
His voice was a mere breath yet every word came to Flora as distinctly as if charged with all the moving power of passion .
The infrastructure project addresses wet and dry utilities, including moving power lines along the closed portions of Lillian and Vanderbilt streets from overhead to below ground and installing adequate storm water drainage.
What is potentially quite exciting about the Northern Powerhouse is that it is moving power and responsibility to the local level so that local businesses can define what they need most, whether it is support in the community or investments to make this region more competitive and ultimately build jobs.
Second, there is a constraint moving power from the state-owned Bradley Lake hydro plant near Homer north from the Kenai Peninsula to Anchorage, Mat-Su, and the Interior, where the bulk of residents in the "Railbelt" communities live.
If before the crisis, the construction sector was the key moving power for the
Adrian Dwyer's Lemminkainen is vocally and dramatically the epitome of unthinking heroism with just a hint of playful complicity with the audience and Ann Taylor, on-stage throughout brooding on the possibility of blood on the door, sings the Mother with moving power.
To deliver the fairer society we want now and in the future, we must rebalance our institutions moving power closer to communities.
This carefully documented story illustrates the moving power of family and home.