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To make an application to a court for a rule or order, or to take action in any matter. The term comprehends all things necessary to be done by a litigant to obtain an order of the court directing the relief sought. To propose a resolution, or recommend action in a deliberative body. To pass over; to be transferred, as when the consideration of a contract is said to move from one party to the other. To occasion; to contribute to; to tend or lead to.

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v. to make a motion in court applying for a court order or judgment. (See: motion, movant)

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BARACK OBAMA is on the brink of victory in the Democratic presidential race, moving within 70 delegates of the total he needs to defeat Hillary Clinton following primaries in Oregon and Kentucky.
His research could be applied to photons moving within stars or to polymers that grow like vines around another object.
With the lack of new jobs in New York, and prices dropping accordingly, many new renters are those who are moving within New York and coming from surrounding metropolitan areas.
Under the influence of an electric field, charge carriers moving within the new polymer create light and dark regions, based on how the material diffracts light.
Severstal stocks are moving within the downward channel.
Gazprom equities are moving within the downward channel.
The MICEX index is moving within the descending channel.
The MICEX index is moving within the medium-term downtrend.