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The waters are the focus of Saint James's first two double-page spreads, a format that she makes use of masterfully and movingly in this book.
The book is dedicated to, and incorporates the teachings of, the hibakusha - the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - and he writes movingly about the lessons he has learned from the hibakusha who have been his guides, hosts, teachers, and friends during his many trips to Japan.
The character of Falstaff, whose death is movingly reported in Henry V, later appeared in Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor, The.
The last of the great Elizabethan dramas, it deals movingly with the disastrous marriage of a noblewoman and a commoner.
But gradually, and movingly, a new kind of family starts to emerge.
She speaks movingly of her anguish, but has not given up hope.
A very special thank you to Fr Des, Fr Michael and Deacon Pat for the lovely service and for talking so movingly about Rosemarie and what she meant to us all.
A-listers, most notably Kevin Costner, spoke movingly and respectfully of a great talent lost at Whitney Houston's funeral.
THE tribute to Gary Ablett before the Tamworth match was impressively and movingly delivered.
A special big hug to 11-year-old Jay from Aberdeen who suffers from cerebral palsy and who spoke so movingly of how friends no longer came to play with him because of his mobility problems.
Steve knew when to be light-hearted, but on the flipside was incredibly sensitive, not least when talking so movingly about his experience of Hillsborough.