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They are: Kingston Park (Newcastle), Wellfield (North Tyneside), Tweedmouth (Northumberland), Sunderland High Juniors (Sunderland) St Aloysius (South Tyneside) and Barley Mow (Gateshead).
They can mow very tall grass and cut through tough seed stalks and weeds.
So, in order to help meet the needs of local MOW organizations, MOWAA initiated a new program: We All Love Our Pets (WALOP).
Though all sizes of bags were appreciated, MOW volunteers noted that small bags--five to 10 pounds--are easiest for homebound individuals (who are often seniors) to handle and keep fresh.
Even so Baggies boss Mow bray was full of praise for the former England striker and believes he is firing on all cylinders, especially after a well-taken goal in last weekend's 5-0 win against Coventry.
When I mow the lawn, I make a satisfying executive decision.
My first experience with the North American style scythe came at age 16 when the 80-year-old man I worked for tried to teach me to mow.
I could mow with a hand mower and spade the area with a shovel.
Planting decorative ground cover on steep slopes to avoid having to mow on unsafe hillsides.
My mom and dad went on vacation, and I was the one who always had to mow the lawn and pick up all the dog shit, so my buddies were cement contractors and I just told them, "Let's do it.
This low-budget production led to the award-winning MOW Where The Spirit Lives in 1989.