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It's been a long time since Dayjur, and Markab's victory yesterday proved this season's bunch are all much of a muchness.
Ahead of Sunday's Molineux derby against Wolves, who are second from bottom, McLeish said: "I think we're still much of a muchness.
The third home from that Newmarket maiden went on to win a race and, while the rest were much of a muchness, Respite's breeding suggests she will improve over time.
On paper the Charlton game looked easier, but in this league everybody is much of a muchness.
The current crop of hometrained sprinters look much of a muchness and tend to beat each other each time they race.
The sprinters are much of a muchness as a group at present but it was impossible not to be impressed by the manner in which the selection picked up late to finish an encouraging sixth last month.
Next year, we do not want 32 players who are much of a muchness but we want 22 with different skills who are fighting to get in the side.
It's a laidback set that works best on country-tinged songs such as The Anvil and Tight To The Jar but there's much of a muchness about the project, and the fast-forward button becomes tempting.
Arabella Woodrow, national accounts and business development manager at Myliko Wines and a former Co-op buyer, rejects the suggestion that ranges are becoming much of a muchness, but says buying policies make it tough for countries on the fringe.
See More Business is a worthy favourite toretain his Gold Cup crown and his rivals appear to be much of a muchness.
Richard Davies, by email A They are all much of a muchness, Richard.