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Give me a culture which imports much muck from the meadows, and deepens the soil--not that which trusts to heating manures, and improved implements and modes of culture only!
One could no more do that than one could roll up one's sleeves and go down into the muck.
That frozen muck and gravel'll stand till hell is froze and its mill-tails is turned to ice-cream.
His nose went up in the air and quested to windward along the wind that brought the message, and he read the air with his nose as a man might read a newspaper--the salt smells of the seashore and of the dank muck of mangrove swamps at low tide, the spicy fragrances of tropic vegetation, and the faint, most faint, acrid tingle of smoke from smudgy fires.
Then the wheels of memory slipped ahead through four years of time, and he was aware of the present, of the books he had opened and the universe he had won from their pages, of his dreams and ambitions, and of his love for a pale wraith of a girl, sensitive and sheltered and ethereal, who would die of horror did she witness but one moment of what he had just lived through - one moment of all the muck of life through which he had waded.
Freddie Drummond accepted the doctrine of evolution because it was quite universally accepted by college men, and he flatly believed that man had climbed up the ladder of life out of the weltering muck and mess of lower and monstrous organic things.
Society, men and women above the ruck and the muck of the water-front and the forecastle--I was appalled by their unlovely mental mediocrity.
Coolly she had squatted on her hams, spat on his arm, and with her finger-tips scrubbed away the dirt of days and nights of muck and jungle that sullied the pristine whiteness of his skin.
They are too pure to have a market value; they contain no muck.
and Tom would break cover, hands and mouth full of curds, and take refuge on the shaky surface of the great muck reservoir in the middle of the yard, disturbing the repose of the great pigs.
For weeks at a time they would hold on steadily, day after day; and for weeks upon end they would camp, here and there, the dogs loafing and the men burning holes through frozen muck and gravel and washing countless pans of dirt by the heat of the fire.
And the reason for the demise in white dog muck is that in those far-off days before BSE, when dogs were fed mainly a diet of bones from your local butcher and Vims - Vims dog biscuits, remember them and local butchers, remember them as well - and therefore had a high calcium intake.