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Relative abundance of white grubs (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Florida sugarcane on sand and muck soils.
Sod grown on muck soil is generally less expensive to produce and lighter in weight, so it can be transported over longer distances still at a competitive price.
muck soil in sugarcane fields) (Cherry & Coale 1994), but they also survive and develop in sandy soils with low organic matter in residential environments (Kostromytska & Buss 2008).
After collection, wireworms were stored in moist muck soil with sliced carrots for food at 18[degrees]C until used in tests.
Cherry & Raid (1999) found that it took 7 times as much chemical to kill wireworms in a muck soil versus a sandy soil.
A commercial 2-year-old sugarcane field on muck soil in southern Florida was sampled for wireworms.
The US 1 Dredging Indian River Isles Muck Removal project will remove approximately 2,000 cubic yards of muck soils from the east-west canal of the Indian River Isles North and Indian River Isles Central subdivisions from the Indian River to US Highway 1 (Appendix 1).
Organic, muck soils are desirable because they are lighter than mineral soils.