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New Delhi [India], July 6 ( ANI ): While the rains drench the cities with bursts of delightful weather and give people respite from the scorching heat, the mucky roads gets even muckier, dishevelled looks leave people in quite a dilemma on how to put together the right monsoon wardrobe.
The court heard how on December 12, locum doctor Simon Muckier accidentally switched off that device and how he did not know how to restart it.
It's all muckier than a Big Brother pool party with language bluer than Nora Batty's varicose veins.
Samantha says: "Adam always complained that he'd have a bath and come out muckier.
And in the Welsh language too, even if the muckier words are all in English.
The mortality and reproductive failure of mussels in reservoirs has been traced to a number of causes, including siltation, which causes direct mortality, (42) elimination of critical host fish species that can no longer tolerate the new reservoir flow conditions, reduced dissolved oxygen at the significantly deeper water depths, reduced temperatures at the deeper water depths, disease, and the inability of juvenile mussels to find suitable substrate in the much siltier and muckier bottom of the reservoir.
In its low-definition haze, its swim of incoherence punctuated by recognizable characters and themes, television is fundamentally closer to dreams than waking, reaching into the muckier parts of consciousness without logic or rationality.
5 Flashes of real potential, a tricky winger but needs to adapt to muckier side of game HENNESSEY .
All 14 riders deserved praise for battling on as the conditions became muckier.
The ninth annual Boryeoung Mud Festival in South Korea promises to be muckier than ever.
I can think of one that I pass frequently and it simply gets sadder and muckier as the weather gets dirtier.