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Just as the 1976 slaying of Arizona reporter Don Bolles helped launch Investigative Reporters and Editors, the premier muckraking organization in the United States (see "Recalling the Arizona Project," August/September 2008), the assassinations of Gongadze and other foreign journalists have helped fuel the Global Investigative Journalism Network, which convened this fall in Ukraine, its sixth meeting since 2003.
Whyte had earlier refused the opportunity to appear in the Beeb programme, Rangers: The Inside Story, and branded it "a prejudiced muckraking exercise".
Earlier this week, Rangers withdrew co-operation with the BBC, with the Clydesdale Bank Premier League club describing the programme as "little more than a prejudiced muckraking exercise".
The club described the programme, which will be shown on Thursday evening, as "little more than a prejudiced muckraking exercise".
The Clydesdale Bank Premier League club described the programme, which will be shown tonight, as "little more than a prejudiced muckraking exercise".
Just look at our past roll call of shame, from the vajazzling of Celebrity Salon all the way to the muckraking of Feirm Factor and TV3's never-to-be-repeated The Box.
ABC News quoted a Kyiv Post report as saying that the decapitated body of Gongadze, a muckraking journalist whose website exposed corruption and repression in the Kuchma administration, was found along the road to the Kyiv airport months after he was kidnapped from his home in September 200.
By David Cronin - The current issue of muckraking journal Private Eye reports that Heathrow Airport will have shiny new equipment for screening passengers installed with the help of several Israeli firms as part of preparations for next year's Olympic Games.
Muckraking journalists have criticized proprietary colleges and universities-using secret student shoppers to sensationalize the deceitful practices of a few bad apples.
With new writers and more muckraking, we have raised the bar on accountability.
This is the kind of reporting muckraking journalists did in the early 20th century, before the monied interests bought out the muckraking magazines.
From a factual account of the muckraking movement in American journalism to the changes that occurred as a result of industrialization and their efforts, this is a fine choice for both high school and college collections.