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In its heyday, between 1903 and 1906, muckraking journalism was ubiquitous, urgent, influential.
In truth, while Anderson continued to rack up scoops in his later years, after Watergate he lost his monopoly on Washington muckraking. Suddenly, investigative reporting became fashionable, and Anderson had stiff new competition--from Seymour Hersh, from Bob Woodward, and from a legion of other aspiring reporters.
In an interview with Editor & Publisher, Grimes said she was offered the position but declined it when Harvey said he would appoint a committee to draft a mission statement reflecting his view that "muckraking" or "investigative journalism" -- Grimes said Harvey uses the terms interchangeably -- are not proper subjects for journalism education.
In an interview, Grimes told E&P she had been offered the position, but declined it when Harvey said he intended to appoint a committee that would draft a mission statement reflecting his view that "muckraking" or "investigative journalism" -- Grimes said Harvey uses the terms interchangeably -- are not appropriate subjects for journalism education.
The Serrins' book, "Muckraking," makes a powerful statement simply by reprinting dozens of investigations and underlining their impact.
Muckraking! The Journalism That Changed America By Judith and William Serrin.
That's just part of the complaint of Eric Schlosser's new Fast Food Nation (Houghton Mifflin), a muckraking attack on America's growing obsession with "happy meals."
Again, this is a river that flows largely in public view, thanks to the efforts of muckraking journalists and good government groups.
For a country whose governments one international rating agency put in its top 10 list of the most corrupt bureaucracies in the world, there has been little tradition of rigorous muckraking. But things have been changing.
The New Republic, that intrepid muckraking magazine (who can forget the special Black History Month feature, "Cornel West Is Not Really Black"?), broke the hard-hitting story that Phil Gramm had invested in a porno movie.
After stints as editor of the muckraking Texas Observer newspaper and president of the Texas Consumer Association, Hightower won election as the state's Agriculture Commissioner in 1982, and used that once-sleepy post as a pulpit for taking on what he calls "the big money interests," especially the pesticide industry.
The emergence of muckraking was heralded in the January 1903 issue of McClure's Magazine by articles on municipal government, labor, and trusts, written by Lincoln Steffens, Ray Stannard Baker, and Ida M.