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and Woodrow Wilson, The Warrior and the Priest: Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt, 1983, a classic that Goodwin does not cite) and their differing relations with the muckraking press.
Just as the 1976 slaying of Arizona reporter Don Bolles helped launch Investigative Reporters and Editors, the premier muckraking organization in the United States (see "Recalling the Arizona Project," August/September 2008), the assassinations of Gongadze and other foreign journalists have helped fuel the Global Investigative Journalism Network, which convened this fall in Ukraine, its sixth meeting since 2003.
Furthermore, over the last few weeks the BBC has been involved in making a documentary about the club which appears to be little more than a prejudiced muckraking exercise.
From a factual account of the muckraking movement in American journalism to the changes that occurred as a result of industrialization and their efforts, this is a fine choice for both high school and college collections.
Meanwhile, a nonprofit infrastructure to train investigative reporters has taken root, and philanthropic foundations are increasingly underwriting freelance writers to take on challenging muckraking projects.
When will journalism return to its honorable muckraking roots?
Discrediting his excellent performance with such cheap shots from unnamed sources is the worst kind of muckraking journalism.
If so, these images then can be understood as part of a lineage that includes muckraking photojournalism.
Barbara Seaman died less than three weeks after she and Laura finished working on this book--it's a fitting end to her long career as a muckraking journalist and activist.
And Lewis vowed to try and ensure the ugly public muckraking that occurred last week between the regions and the WRU would not be repeated before the Six Nations next year.
A muckraking story will generally win an audience, and journalists began to investigate such stories, but this drew criticism from some of the public, from the government, and from the media themselves.
Billy" Ingram at a time when people were still wary of ground beef because of an expose of the beef industry in Upton Sinclair's 1906 muckraking novel The Jungle.