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New to Mud Madness was Fast And Furious for those who wished to run the course at a very hard and mucky fast pace.
Young lads would sooner faff about on their iPhones and tablets than get mucky on the pitch.
In this feasibility assessment the final hurdles will be taken towards an Europe wide market introduction supported by convincing demonstrations of the Mucky installation at 10 representative locations.
More than 20 hounds took part in the doggy version of Blind Date at Mucky Pups Dog Grooming Salon and Spa, with owner Leanne Couch playing matchmaker.
The Newport entrepreneur, owner of Mucky Paws dog grooming spa and boutique, admits to treating her pampered pooch Princess Lucy to up to PS10,000 worth of gifts and treatments every year, and giving the dog more Christmas presents than her children.
It's a huge victory for the little man who all too often gets the mucky end of the stick but has no idea what to do about it.
Thanks goodness there are still kind-hearted locals around to chip in and tidy up the mucky, mucky banks.
But that doesn't invite the mucky problem you might expect: The dry streambed allows water to percolate into the soil, as do adjacent paths covered with bark.
25pm Combine the oldest profession in the world, the mucky underbelly of society and a cast including Matthew Lillard, Efren Ramirez and Tom Arnold, and what do you get?
Hanagan said: "It took a bit of getting today, it's sticky, mucky ground and it's a long way home up that hill.
He's one with celebrity status and one who can count Jamie Oliver among his friends - apparently there is more to farming than getting mucky with pigs after all.
If there is any suggestion that he has weepy eyes or a mucky bum, get his teeth checked out.