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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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Gill histological changes Stage * Hyperplasia/hypertrophy of the lamellar epithelium Lifting of the lamellar epithelium Disorganization of lamellae Incomplete fusion of several lamellae I Complete fusion of several lamellae Vascular congestion Dilation Presence of parasites Rupture of the lamellar epithelium Hyperplasia and hypertrophy of mucous cells II Uncontrolled thickening of the filament Lamellar proliferative tissue Lamellar aneurysm III
Mucous cells were stained with Alcian Blue-Periodic Acid Schiff (AB/PAS) histologic stain (American MasterTech, Lodi, CA) following the manufacturer's instructions (Caramori et al.
In the skin of the A.dabryanus, there were both types III and IV mucous cells, with type IV being the most numerous (partial acid mucopolysaccharides) and only a few type III mucous cells were observed (partial neutral mucopolysaccharides) (Fig.
This gene has been detected in goblet cells within the tracheal and bronchial epithelium of mice when metaplasia of mucous cells is present (Leverkoehne and Gruber 2002) and is thought to play a role in the mucus hyper-secretion seen in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and CF in humans (Rogers 2003; Shale and Ionescu 2004).
Normal morphological features of Prochilodus scrofa gills comprise a stratified epithelium in filaments between lamellae, along with mitochondria-rich cells and mucous cells. Lamellar epithelia consists of one superficial layers of pavement cells and one layer of undifferentiated cells aligned to the basal lamina that wraps around pillar cells and whose projections form vascular channels.
The presence of mucous cells in the stratified squamous epithelium of dentigerous cyst is well documented.
Our histological finding investigated that filaments are covered by primary epithelial layer with many mucous cells interspersed in it.
In addition, unlike CMPT, peribronchiolar metaplasia generally does not harbor mucous cells or extracellular mucin pools.
These were then evaluated for histopathological variables which included thickness of epithelial lining, keratinization, foamy macrophages, mucous cells, Rushton bodies, cholesterol crystals and haemosiderin.
cyprinacea, hyperplasia, an increase in mucous cells in the distal end of primary lamella, vacuolization in secondary lamella, necrosis of gill epithelium, distortion in cartilaginous tissue (Figure 3a), haemorrhages and hyperplasia at the base of the gills (Figure 3b); thickening of dermis, degeneration and necrosis in the skeletal muscle, infiltration of a massive number of inflammatory cells in the dermis and skeletal muscle (Figure 3c); granuloma like growths formed by collagen fibrils of dermis (Figure 3d) and also parasitic sections surrounded by fibrous connective tissue in the muscle tissue were observed (Figure 3e).