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Such study on the dynamics of coral surface mucus layer and its associated microbial communities can contribute to understand and predict impacts on coral reefs arising from a rapidly changing climate.
It was found that ethanol administration resulted in depression of the stomach homogeneity, inhibited prostaglandin synthesis, disrupted the mucus layer that covers the inner surface of the stomach as well as decreased GSH levels and the protective factors of the gastric mucosa.
The mucus layer is made up of large proteins called mucins with characteristic sugary, or glycosylated, chains.
It also helps cure stomach and intestinal ulcers, reduces stomach acidity and protects the stomach's mucus layer.
The crystal structure gives insight into the type of receptors likely to be recognized by the bacteria in the mucus layer.
H pylori resides in the stomach attached to the gastric epithelium and beneath this mucus layer.
A sampling of topics includes competitive and cooperative interactions in the respiratory microflora; the role of the mucus layer in the bacterial colonization of the intestine; and host response to urinary tract infection.
QPX, code for 'quahog parasite unknown', spreads from clam to clam by secreting a thick mucus layer to insulate itself from the clam's immune system.
The mucus layer is important in conditioning the inhaled air and provides a sticky surface for the entrapment of inhaled particles and gases.