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You might be a farmer trying to get over the muddiest field or it might be the Queen driving around Windsor.
Even the Mississippi at its muddiest will have a bed of sand.
King said: "Steve Peplow would not win you many battles in his own half and his shorts always seemed to stay clean even on the muddiest pitch.
Some active learning approaches that increase student understanding include immediate feedback assessment (Lee & Jabot, 2011); student-led debates (Roy, 2012); and the 1-minute paper, wherein students state the main, most clear, or muddiest point in the lecture (Adrian, 2010).
Join British Military Fitness Major's troops running through the muddiest and murkiest water, up and down the steepest hills and over some of the very best obstacles.
Muddiest point assessment, or asking the staff to identify the information that was the most confusing or least understood (Moyer & Wittmann, 2008), was used to validate staff understanding of the tools and process.
A show that was supposed to complement the man on his left - mercurial guitar hero Michael Schenker - rapidly descended into farce with the muddiest of mixes destroying any semblance of professionalism.
This year's Santa Scramble, on Saturday, December 6, will take place in the muddiest assault course in the UK, Clyne Farm in Swansea.
Giving you maximum breathability and grip on the muddiest and most slippery trails.
Promote self-reflection with the students by asking them to write down what they learned and to identify the muddiest point or by other classroom assessment techniques.