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MoMA's lusciously deep, dark and viscous Nympheas and an earlier, golden version, loaned from Gothenburg, are particularly fine, but the National Gallery's giant canvas pales muddily opposite Twombly's monumental and strangely uplifting Untitled.
The action begins, rather muddily, with a pair of seemingly unrelated episodes--the border crossing of a group of Russians and the alleyway assassination of a U.
The reader can't help feeling that he is being invited to admire Inglis's muddily poetical translation of the plainer but more exciting and intelligible original--to which the biographer has added unwarranted speculation about what the child was "knowing" and feeling.
Recurrent missed deadlines, flirtations with bankruptcy and skirmishes with long-suffering family, friends and landlords are likely over the long haul to merge somewhat muddily together in a reader's mind, especially when such formula phrasing as "in March," "in early August," "on 7 July" pops up at inconvenient distance from the most recent mention of a year.