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Puffin Billy rises muddily, breathlessly from the ground after the final fence to the sort of deep, rumbling cheer of relief that inspires the notion that racing people are a pretty good bunch really.
A trust spokesman said: "Previously only three sides of the small, roughly rectangular park were paved, and the fourth side was grass, which became muddily impassable in bad weather.
MoMA's lusciously deep, dark and viscous Nympheas and an earlier, golden version, loaned from Gothenburg, are particularly fine, but the National Gallery's giant canvas pales muddily opposite Twombly's monumental and strangely uplifting Untitled.
The reader can't help feeling that he is being invited to admire Inglis's muddily poetical translation of the plainer but more exciting and intelligible original--to which the biographer has added unwarranted speculation about what the child was "knowing" and feeling.