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In contrast, Zachry follows a few yards behind her and wears a dark brown that symbolized the muddiness of his own character's morality.
On songs such as "All I Had (I Gave)'' and "Planets Collide,'' there's a down-and-dirty muddiness, a sense of the music's velocity being slowed as it escapes whatever's holding it back.
Having experienced firsthand the muddiness of historical research, they also become more critical consumers of historical analyses presented by others and more open to alternative interpretations.
Journalists face the same risks of verbosity, muddiness, repetition, and slackness as lawyers do.
It was probably the toughest challenge of my career, but has been unbelievably important in giving me the ability to problem solve and lead things with clarity through all the muddiness.
Even more important to Professor Kerr is the clarity provided by the third party doctrine, which he believes is imperative, given the muddiness of Fourth Amendment jurisprudence.
The existing play area at Frederick Nattrass Primary School in Stockton lacked fixed physical and role play equipment, and muddiness meant it was out of bounds during the winter months.
Hafstrom lavishes care on the film's production design and in-camera effects, sometimes to the detriment of its overall look, which can tend toward muddiness.
This definitional muddiness is added to by the fact that certain goals and objectives of historically normative multiculturalism seem to work against what many proponents say it stands for.
We will not malign our river as gross and impure, while it can glorify itself with so adequate a picture of the heaven that broods above it; or, if we remember its tawny hue and the muddiness of the bed, let it be a symbol that the earthliest human soul has an infinite spiritual capacity, and may contain the better world within its depths.
The overall impression of the methodology is one of a degree of muddiness.