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Your target dates may be arbitrary, but it's better to shoot for something than just muddle along.
Kindleberger concludes his book on world economic primacy by predicting that the world will muddle along without an explicit challenge to U.
They also appear concerned that a new legal framework might see crippled banks use public funds only to muddle along with little hope for a turnaround of their financial health, they said.
In practice however, the structured elements of the process are highly automated whilst the unstructured elements muddle along under human guidance.
Gray Davis announced a $159 million job creation plan on Friday, the same day that the monthly unemployment report showed that the state's economy continues to muddle along.
With the economy bounding along at 8%, Hu might be tempted to muddle along until China reaches the target set by outgoing general secretary Jiang Zemin of quadrupling GDP by 2020.
Demand for industrial inputs should muddle along through the first half of 2003, with year-on-year growth falling into the range of 2 to 3.
Societies are defined by their moral codes; those who can't agree on what they deem gravely wrong but still muddle along in mutual "toleration" belong not to a "pluralistic" society but merely a confused one; in societies truly pluralistic, all people, for different reasons in theory, yet accept the same moral standards in practice.
Have students debate the suggestion that the way to solve the conflict over Jerusalem is to muddle along as is.
Europe would muddle along, groping toward monetary union without much economic boost to jostle it further.
Is it permissible here to remind readers that most of the earth's people with disabilities are anonymous heroes who, unlike Christopher Reeve or Forrest Gump, simply muddle along from one day to the next, trying to survive under much less than desirable circumstances?
That's not reflective of society, where we all have to muddle along together whoever we are, wherever we've come from.