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QNB assumed a scenario in which eurozone and global economy broadly muddle along without a serious crisis.
Cities that decide to muddle along without a mayor will be out in the cold.
Overall, of all the forecasts I have seen in recent weeks, the one that chimed most with my own thoughts was that by Russ Koesterich, Global Chief Investment Strategist for BlackRock's iShares business, whose base case is for the global economy to muddle along in a 'Great Idle' with slow positive growth and a major economic crisis avoided.
My long years of training and practice haven't prepared me for every metaphysical challenge, but I muddle along as best I can.
Why has the club been allowed to just muddle along for so many years?
We sometimes feel that we simply don't have the supplies or funding to make much of an impact in our world so we just muddle along, but Jesus calls us to realize that he himself is the provider--Jehovah-Jireh.
It's left to Runcorn Bridge-obsessed Kerrie (Nicola Bentley) and troubled 13-year-old Cameron (a delightfully gauche turn from Leon Tague) to muddle along alone as their world disintegrates piece by piece.
Consumer spending is expected to continue to muddle along in response to a modest pickup in employment.
For us all to ultimately muddle along together we have to take it in turns to be a bit of an outsider from time to time, whether that's as a non-Scouser or by staying in a caravan made of wood.
For the immediate future, the best-case scenario is that US-Pakistan relations will simply continue to muddle along.
We can muddle along the way we are for a good while yet, relishing our specialness and moaning about rubbish prize-money and Racing For Change, or we can accept that we need to attract some new people and some new money and do something about it.
Although the Building Congress predicts that residential and office construction spending will muddle along at roughly the same level in upcoming years, it foresees a market resurgence driven by government spending.