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More muddle-headed and less likely to make profits are the educational theorists who tell faculty to treat students as customers.
Issues like expression, context, appropriateness and honesty are tackled in a half-hearted and muddle-headed way, and in the end we are left with the not very illuminatin conclusion that good buildings are those designed by good architects -- for example the members of the RFAC and their cronies.
Ford's analysis of her aria |Come scoglio immoto resta' leaves one a little un-easy: |Whilst Fiordiligi's musical integrity demonstrates the conviction of her moral intentions, her muddle-headed dividing up of da Ponte's verses, her seemingly confused intermediate returns to the tonic, her variants of the "love motive", which alone remain unchanged on their recapitulation, and above all else, the passionately over-stated quality of her final rejection of the intruders, must all be thought to challenge her psychological stability' (p.
Still, Coates's prescription is too muddle-headed, mostly because he fails to recognize that even good solutions to homelessness are not all created equal.
DEALING WITH muddle-headed Mutant Ninja --Communicators--
For 30 years, [Mr Corbyn] has been soft and muddle-headed on terror.
For 30 years, (Corbyn) has been soft and muddle-headed on terror.
There are contradictions at the heart of the club and Ashley's muddle-headed approach condemns the Magpies to never be more than a few weeks or months from the next "crisis.
First we had last week's revelation in this newspaper that various muddle-headed, bile-sprewing malcontents have launched the New British Union Party, today's equivalent of the ludicrous but dangerous Oswald Mosley's thuggish Blackshirts.
IT'S too easy to aim jibes at vegans on the grounds that they are sanctimonious, tedious and muddle-headed tree-huggers, probably because that describes many of their number with an uncanny degree of accuracy.
Failure to get this leads to a completely muddle-headed analysis," he wrote, warning policymakers may as a result come up with the "wrong prescription.
We have got to get our priorities right because the Government's muddle-headed attitude to roads means the people of Nottingham are not getting the quality road system they deserve.