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Assuming that many feminist professors feel similarly muddled, I want to expand on Overall's suggestions for how feminist academics can deal with the unique muddles that they encounter.
"It is a shame that the school is facing closure because of the council's muddled school re-organisation plans."
These include the Blackberry Sidecar, made with Remy Martin VSOP Cognac, Cointreau, Fee Brothers Plum bitters and muddled blackberries and the Port of Manhattan, featuring Makers Mark Bourbon, Fonseca Bin No.
But Lord Goldsmith said: "He is muddled. It is dangerous because it would lead to more confusion about the best way to strike a balance between protecting the public and individual liberties.
Although there are combat thrills aplenty in this title, the author's primary interest is the human side of the conflict, the heroics and horrors faced by brave men in a muddled war.
Aiming to find intuition in the analytical and rationality in the emotional, and further expanding the cliche of dichotomies into the geographical arena of North and South (as the cultural "sites" of rationality and emotion), Carlos found herself in muddled discursive terrain.
A Tory MP apologised to the Commons yesterday for his 'muddled and naive' confusion over allowances which saw him pay back more than pounds 90,000.
Ken Thorne said, ``You say it is muddled. In reality it is only muddled when you are trying to sort it out.
If we have more or less accepted what Gray has said, it is at this point we realize that we are involved with an extremely muddled mind, a mind which sees an unknown sniper wounding three Canadian gynaecologists, but does not see the more than two and a half million lives extinguished by their fraternity of medical abortionists since 1969.
Massine's intricate mass movements were muddled in the early performances by those overworked Ballets Russes companies.
Eighteen years later, when this book was published, the lines of historical development were becoming much more muddled. The dissertation has been widely cited in the literature on poverty and social policy, and Adams has kept up with the burgeoning literature in the field.