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Surely, feminist academics are not continually muddled in their interactions with others, for then they would not have as much power as they have in some relationships (e.
These include the Blackberry Sidecar, made with Remy Martin VSOP Cognac, Cointreau, Fee Brothers Plum bitters and muddled blackberries and the Port of Manhattan, featuring Makers Mark Bourbon, Fonseca Bin No.
Similar transplants eventually may help humans whose memory is muddled from years of heavy drinking or as a result of Alzheimer's disease, say Thomas Arendt and his colleagues of the Institute of Psychiatry in London, England.
The new flexibility the Court has shown today is light years ahead of the muddled and rigid jurisprudence that has blocked the schoolhouse door for too long.
El Shaddai is certainly an artistic tour de force, but its muddled narrative and wonky action are very much an acquired taste.
The Hot Summer Night brings together Absolut Vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup and honey with muddled thyme, topped with Sprite.
H&R Block says Intuit has muddled the numbers released by its Kansas City-based rival.
Was the sailor Samuel Comstock a devil incarnate or just an over-romantic boy, a helplessly muddled youth or a callow adventurer with a streak of cruelty?
When the artist's intentions are clearly reflected, they can take the place our own muddled reading.
Ericsson's vision for mobile telephony and mobile Internet is solid, but its wireline product convergence strategies are somewhat muddled in particular in the U.
Dodgers manager Jim Tracy was asked repeatedly on Monday to clear up his muddled status with the club, but declined to do so beyond acknowledging once again that there is an escape clause in his current two-year contract that gives him a week to decide whether to fulfill the final year of the deal or opt out and be free to seek employment elsewhere.
So, I think that the bartender as showman aspect comes into play with muddled drinks--people love to watch the process.