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A delightful concluding chapter savages today's muddleheaded efforts to conflate religion and science: the soul as quantum, the anthropic principle, and more.
Despite its portentous tone and plentiful statistics, The Bell Curve is revealed in its final chapter as a muddleheaded brief for the economic status quo and right-wing social engineering.
At worst, he flails about, trying one overblown effect after another in a muddleheaded attempt to do something interesting.
They've got a muddleheaded, ideological view of that which is essentially that we spend too much money in the public sector and if only we spent less, the private sector would feed off the residual capital and boom.
the time-slip Playing Beatie Bow (1980) and The Muddleheaded Wombat books (minus the dreadful hyphen in the definitive issue published in October that also includes Ruth's last piece of writing, an essay on the origins of Wombat).
McConnell said "there is no more distinguished jurist in the land" than Bork and criticized the prospects of Supreme Court nominees who are "unknown, muddleheaded middle-of-the-roaders.
The idealism of the 60s and 70s, the eras of the hippies and the punks, had been muddleheaded.