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One had long thought that we in the Land of the Pure hadn't quite mastered the art of muddling through.
Instead of glibly muddling through as is the wont of established practitioners, we often find our mandarins bogged down in their own verbiage.
We have to fall back on great British tradition of muddling through, even if we don't know where we're muddling to.
'For a championship race it was a very slow time so it just goes to show it was a muddling pace.
It's good to see the art of muddling making a comeback behind the bars of America.
* Third, today's muddling through is not your father's muddling through; it involves the use of a whole range of applied mathematics that is difficult to use unless we admit we are muddling.
Adams tells the story of the depots, their emergence as a temporary institution to supplement the hospital and the prison, their growth and tendency to become "permanent" as administrators began arresting domiciled beggars as well as vagrants in an effort to discipline the workforce, their partial suppression at the behest of provincial estates, "provincially-minded" administrators, and those seeking economies in the crisis of the 1770s, and their muddling on into the French Revolution.
2Raspberry Rickey A long, fresh summer drink made by putting eight raspberries in a highball glass (long and thin) and muddling them.