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5) In order to avoid financial liability, Energi Mega Persada attempted twice to sell Lapindo between September and November 2006, but the Capital Market Supervisory Agency (Bapepam) did not approve of the sale because there was as yet no clear solution to the mudflow case.
Commercial property policies are quite similar to the homeowners when it comes to excluding mudslides and mudflows.
Whole-of-government and systemic governance are needed to cope with the East Java mudflow mainly because of the complexity of the problem and its multiple impacts on the lives of the current and the next generation.
Another place to avoid is a channel carved by erosion (wearing away of a substance) from a past mudflow.
The largest of Mount Rainier's post--Ice Age lahars was the Osceola Mudflow, which struck more than 5,600 years ago and inundated the White River valley with more than 3.
Usu in Hokkaido, northern Japan, saying it may cause mudflow or damage agriculture.
Usu, said he saw from a helicopter that the mudflow was spewing from a crater on Mt.
Gravel brought down with the mudflow turned out to be ideal for steelhead.
Strong wind and heavy rainfall brought by typhoons can trigger flood, mudflow and landslide among many calamities.
But the agency still cautioned residents to stay alert as mudflow and lahar flow may still occur, adding they should steer clear of the danger zone of the volcano.
sr=twCNN010918southern-california-evacuations-rain-flooding0915AMStory) CNN that at least three homes in Montecito "wiped away by mudflow and debris.