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I sent a picture of her to a contact who said he may be able to do some stickers - and I have kept them for the rear mudguard now.
It also declined to comment on the reports that the metal mudguard could be responsible for the crash.
Based on the existing Bonneville T100, the bike has a shortened rear mudguard, as well as blacked-out wheel rims, handlebars and rear suspension springs.
And with the rotation of the wheel, the mudguard grated on the tyre with an alarming rasp.
The mudguard to be painted was placed on top of a wheel which spun freely on an axle, dipping a thin brush into a paintpot, and using your free hand to turn the wheel towards you, you could regulate the speed, while holding the brush against the mudguard.
He was described as 17-18, thin, pale and riding a new-looking silver-coloured CBR mountain bike with front and rear suspension and a rear mudguard.
Mr Brereton, who lives in Wirral, was riding behind the 20-year-old when her tail bag worked loose and jammed between her rear wheel and mudguard.
The birds set up home between the mudguard and the tyre of the one and a half tonne tractor.
It features an LED light integrated into the aluminium mudguard over the rear wheel and three-zone padding featuring 3D Skingel and Royal Gel.
These are: the Classic, which most closely resembles the original, with spoked wheels and metal mudguards; the Urban Enduro, which has a handlebar cross-brace, a headlight grill, high front mudguard, and sump cover, and comes in "wild green"; and the Full Throttle, which is inspired by flat track racing, with a Termignoni exhaust and yellow paintwork.
The Northern Mudguard was the magazine of the 2/1st Northern Cyclists Battalion.
It is marked with Plant no 874 welded to the mudguard and should have KPH Plant Hire welded on the side, although this may have now been altered.