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I went into the mudroom and let myself out the back door.
That night, after the grownups shooed us off to bed, after Carmen and Min-Ki fell asleep, I sat at the top of the mudroom steps and listened to the grownups argue.
He slid the dead bolt, turned the knob and let himself into the mudroom.
The court concluded that the mudroom, hallway, in-law apartment, and plumbing did not assist with propulsion, and, accordingly, their value must be included in the property's assessment.
The ground floor is accessible from either a front cellar door with vestibule, or from the rear parking spot, and hosts a large open floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows, a guest bathroom and a mudroom.
The layout consists of two large bedrooms (each with a bathroom and closet), along with a living room, powder room, butler's pantry, kitchen, dining room, and mudroom.
Another permit for an "office, media room, half bathroom, mudroom, laundry room, wineroom and wet bar, a new second-floor half bathroom and remodel of the second, third and fourth floors" amounted to $720,000.
If space permits, consider a full-sized mudroom with a durable flooring material, such as stone or ceramic; open shelves with baskets assigned to each family member; and plenty of hooks.
In areas with a lot of dents and holes, like in the mudroom where boots, hockey sticks and golf club bags leave their marks, don't try to fill every dent individually.
Some farms have found unused showers in the mudroom to be the perfect solution to this problem.
The allocated space is located next to the stairs up to the new mudroom as you enter from the garage.