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The Phoenix microwave muffle furnace with sulfated ashing option is a 1200C furnace workstation.
The proposed amendment calls for heating the specimen in a muffle furnace in a series of steps designed to sequentially separate out the resin, carbon fibers, and glass fibers.
For example, the children held plastic wrap over their eyes to simulate decreased visual acuity; they stuffed their ears with cotton to muffle sound.
This initiative can only be seen as another effort to muffle the prophetic voice of the African-American church.
Make a test core from each resin system and place them in a 900F (482C) muffle furnace for 10 min.
Progressives are concerned about the separation of churches from a state that may play religious favorites; left-leaning churchmen are worried that Washington will muffle their calls for social justice; libertarians predict that charity's voluntary essence will be undermined by federal pottage.
A royally cubited arc falls like a stairwell from clouds and I could puncture the plugged muffle of voices across the aisle by chanting a Hildegarde revival, if I wanted to.
When Krause wants to muffle the dishwasher's noise, he runs it with the cabinet doors closed.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Muffle Furnance
Too bad he didn't have free hands to muffle his ears--or plug his nose: "These roaches are very flatulant," says Pearson.
A COVENTRY mother claimed she could not muffle noise from her home because the council had not carried out repairs, a court heard.