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The defendant, a Pakistani national, is believed to have taken advantage that it was late and nobody was around to grab her from behind, muffle her and then pull her to the side of the road by pulling her hair.
While the corruption charges are so string and endless against the Congress Party, the Congress Party is using every means to muffle the alliance partners who plan to abandon them," said Rudy.
While shooting, I noticed they didn't seem to muffle the sound as well as my electronic muffs, but they muffled the sound adequately.
Ed Erickson, a trainer from Isle, Minnesota, says, "The best method I've found for breaking most any dog to a beeper is to temporarily modify the locator by stuffing some cotton balls into the speaker and holding them in place with duct tape to muffle the sound.
It also can be played as an excellent practice drum when using the included Foam Muffle.
Prior research has demonstrated that the condition of the soil may muffle noise, Schiphol said.
In previous studies, researchers have shown that a small, double-stranded piece of RNA can sometimes muffle the effects of a gene that has a complementary sequence.
PREDICT: Night owls are silent when they fly because they have soft, velvety feathers on their legs and wings that muffle the sound that's made by their movement.
Is it normal for a husband to muffle his mouth while speaking to his wife?" It is equally absurd, the pastoral states, to destroy sexual communication through the use of a diaphragm, birth control pills, or condoms.
When I was taken to concerts as a child in the now defunct Town Hall it was drilled into me that one should not cough at all, but in extreme cases should use a handkerchief to muffle the sound (and collect germs).
The Phoenix microwave muffle furnace with sulfated ashing option is a 1200C furnace workstation.
The proposed amendment calls for heating the specimen in a muffle furnace in a series of steps designed to sequentially separate out the resin, carbon fibers, and glass fibers.