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[ClickPress, Fri Aug 02 2019] The global automotive exhaust muffler market is expected to witness a sluggish growth over the next five years.
During a routine 100-hour inspection, the exhaust muffler was suspected un-serviceable under a Canadian AD when visually examined.
CEBU CITY--The days of motorcycles with modified mufflers locally, known as bora-bora, are numbered.
Raw Material : Bhel/sstp, trichy is looking for vendors to supply of muffler heavy duty through conventional method
In a news statement, the BOC-Port of Naia reported that it has turned over a shipment misdeclared as 'muffler' parts after it was found to contain 13.1 kilograms of shabu to the PDEA on Tuesday.
To my amazement, the exhaust pipe had been cut and welded back after the first muffler, which may be where the catalytic converter is located.
The research of muffler is complex because it is associated with more disciplines such as acoustics, aerodynamics, fuel economy, heat transfer and so on.
CDI ignition, stainless muffler, lightweight flywheel and high-capacity fuel pump also included.
Exhaust gas after-treatment devices such as a catalytic muffler are equipped to diesel vehicles as a countermeasure for the regulations, but in many cases generate increases in weight.
Oakton's project, "Heat Recovering Silencer," replaces the traditional vehicle muffler with a new device that maintains noise reduction while efficiently recovering exhaust heat.
She wore an oversized black long coat with a fur muffler, which gave her a chic and luxurious image.
Pair tan-coloured leather brogues with wine-hued cardigan and herringbone muffler, suggest experts.