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The physical dimensions of the mufflers shall allow them to be installed without modifying the existing exhaust piping for the engines at the facility.
Lai and Soedel (1996a, 1996b, 1996c, 1996d) applied the same approach to analyze 2D mufflers with uniform and non-uniform thicknesses and the gas pulsations in such mufflers.
This muffler man is on a quest to let everyone know about a free muffler inspection.
Razorback Muffler officials asked Razorback Exhaust to stop using the name and logo, but Razorback Exhaust owner Jason Fields continued, according to the lawsuit Razorback Muffler filed April 11 in Pulaski County Circuit Court.
Walker Quiet-Flow(R) 3 mufflers and exhaust assemblies are covered by a free limited lifetime warranty and the brand's exclusive 90-day cash-back "Safe & Sound Guarantee," which reimburses consumers for the product's full purchase price plus labor if the qualifying unit does not meet their expectations.
The mufflers, produced between June and November 2003, have defective metal components that fit to the chassis of vehicles, Toyota Technocraft said.
Although Missouri does not have environmental regulations dealing with waste mufflers or catalytic converters specifically, they must be handled so they do not become an environmental or public health hazard.
The last thing that the engineers at Faurecia Exhaust Systems' Franklin, Ohio, plant want to deal with is jammed coil material used in its exhaust system, muffler or catalytic converter forming lines.
The mufflers were carefully designed and painted with acrylic paints and sealed with a protective finish to protect them from the weather.
The completed mufflers are 100-percent leak tested in a submersion tank.
The mufflers are available in two options: (1) Residential Grade for 18-25 dBA sound reduction; and (2) Critical Grade for 25-35 dBA sound reduction silencing ratings.
Tenneco Automotive announced today that the company has received Honorable Mention Automotive News PACE Awards for its Exhaust Isolators and Tunable Muffler Shell technologies.