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Number one seized the mug ravenously, and had just drunk enough to make him wish for more, when Mr Squeers gave the signal for number two, who gave up at the same interesting moment to number three; and the process was repeated until the milk and water terminated with number five.
She turned the mug in her white hands, and sighed happily.
Half-past nine struck in the middle of the performance of "Auld Lang Syne," a most obstreperous proceeding, during which there was an immense amount of standing with one foot on the table, knocking mugs together and shaking hands, without which accompaniments it seems impossible for the youths of Britain to take part in that famous old song.
All his movements - the way he grasped the mug, the act of drinking, the way he set the heavy glass down and folded his arms - had a firmness, an assured precision which made the big and muscular Ossipon, leaning forward with staring eyes and protruding lips, look the picture of eager indecision.
This obvious restraint argued an incredible and inexplicable timidity of the big fellow before the calm little man, who again lifted the glass mug, drank, and put it down with brusque and assured movements.
The young woman moved away a few steps, and again bestowed her absorbed attention upon the shaving mugs.
The Galaxy Mug and the Swag Glass with Bamboo Lid are very light in weight as compared to the traditional glass and are made up of Borosilicate Glass.
But I switched to the Town mug because the club needs all the support it can get.
PIZZA IN A MUG Here is a snack to put an end to your pizza cravings instantly.
The Sauve Mug and the Mini Cappuccino Mugs are very light in weight as compared to other glass mugs and is made up of Borosilicate Glass.
com L-R: Pinya mug in green, PS6, and Athro peacock porcelain mug, PS3, both Habitat.
An uncle living in Germany gave Jim the mug as a birthday present back in 1996.