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A witness might say the mugger wore blue pants, but if asked whether they were blue jeans, ``chances are you're going to get a yes, even though there's a 99 percent chance the person doesn't really know what jeans are,'' Koenig says.
A PENSIONER was left "badly shaken" after a mugger on a bicycle rode up and snatched her bag in Nuneaton.
FATHER Ted star Ardal O'Hanlon has revealed how a "friendly" knifewielding mugger robbed him on a bus.
Two weeks later Eva Snaith, 86, of Osborne Avenue, Jesmond, Newcastle, was left unconscious after a street attack by a mugger high on drink and drugs near her home.
A MUGGER targeted an 89-year-old woman as she struggled along a street with her Zimmer frame.
He used the half-pound Vidalia to pummel a would-be mugger.
A 17-year-old was robbed and attacked by a mugger who claimed to have a gun on Stoney Bank Lane, New Mill, early on Saturday morning.
The first mugger is described as white, of stocky build, late 20s, 5ft to 5ft 6in.
A YOUNG mugger robbed an 84-year-old woman in the centre of Redcar yesterday.
BIRDS of a Feather star Linda Robson had the last laugh on a mugger when he made off with a bag full of dog poo.
Then the mugger began terrorising her with obscene and threatening phone calls.