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MULATTO. A person born of one white and one black parent. 7 Mass. R. 88; 2 Bailey, 558.

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We've conducted fairly extensive research to determine if there are particular traits shared by mullatoes with black mothers as opposed to mulattoes with white mothers.
American discourses also suggested tragic mulattoes were fusion monsters on psychological grounds.
Wheeler often argues for a subtle convergence of apparently unrelated discourses, notably Johns on's description of the Scottish Highlanders in 1775, and Edward Long's description of Africans and mulattoes in Jamaica in 1774.
Yet there was something odd about Kelley-Hawkins's 1895 novel set in New England: The characters were blond, blue-eyed girls, who never suggested they were mulattoes, using cunning and stealth to live on the other side of the color line.
The general categories were whites, mestizos, mulattoes, Indians and blacks in that hierarchical order.
Trey Ellis describes artists in the contemporary, 1980s period following the Black Arts Movement as cultural mulattoes who are African Americans "educated by a multiracial mix of cultures.
were mulattoes who lived in urban areas and whose livelihood was in non-agricultural occupations.
He used themes of racial mixing and the "passing" of mulattoes in his other works.
see McLendon, who argues that Larsen "was 'affected,' in a negative sense, by the portraits of mulattoes in precursory American fiction by white writers," though she determined in her fictional worlds to make "a movement away from pseudoscientific theories of motivation for the mulatto's behavior" (11).
3) Mulattoes (pardos) established their sodalities which also excluded persons of African birth and Brazilian-born blacks (crioulos), while accepting white members.