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to impose a financial penalty, sometimes used of a finding of expenses or costs against a party in a litigation.
Collins Dictionary of Law © W.J. Stewart, 2006

MULCT, punishment. A fine imposed on the conviction of an offence.

MULCT, commerce. An imposition laid on ships or goods by a company of trade, for the maintenance of consuls and the like. Obsolete.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Bain formed GSI in the early 1990s by spending $24 million to acquire and merge steel companies with plants in Missouri, South Carolina and other states." By the time GSI went bankrupt in 2001, Bain had mulcted it for a $65 million dividend and a $50 million profit.
Because the US government had the following advantages: its additional revenue mulcted from the long suffering taxpayers due to a fall in the tax rate, and supplementary money forthcoming to it from drug legalization, plus, a voluntary military which did not call forth massive protests against its rule.
Jim Grichar, a former economist for the federal government, wrote that "real volunteerism in this country still exists, and if taxpayers were not being mulcted for every goofy and evil social welfare scheme, they would have the time and resources to devote to increased genuine charitable efforts." Grichar, having witnessed AmeriCorps firsthand, also wrote that "the real horror is always the same--you as a taxpayer pay more and get less than you would have if the private sector--either for-profit businesses or non-government-funded private charities--handled the problem.
For his role in putting down the rebellion, Governor Eyre was at risk of much more than being mulcted in damages.
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A North Carolina jury recently mulcted the Meineke muffler chain for an estimated $400 million to $600 million, more than the annual profits of its large British parent company, after a lawyer invited jurors to "send a message to foreign companies." This September a New Jersey court ruled in favor of class-action lawyers suing Thorn PLC (formerly half of the Thorn EMI music group), the British parent of the Rent-a-Center chain, in a case that Thom says might cost it $120 million.
(26) In discussing the gambling habits of the King in "George IV," Thackeray writes, "A noble lord, whom we shall call the Marquis of Steyne, is said to have mulcted him in immense sums" (GIV, p.
They scized debtors and held them in small lock-ups where `they mulcted their victims, forcing them to pay what were often exorbitant prices for food and lodging' (Brewer 1980: 26).