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55) The infinitesimal shifting of language and form described by Puttenham and Pythagoras is battered by the mulish Malvolio into egotistical points of forced change.
Harris wishes to convict religious belief of mulish literalism, while attacking its tenets in the most bluntly prosaic and anachronistic terms he can muster.
Ask a footballer or cricketer about their predecessors in the England side from a couple of decades ago and you'll get blank looks or even the mulish refusal to believe that those players from the past were any good at all.
The horse is well known to be difficult and was mulish going down tothe start, '' explained stipendiary steward William Nunneley.
The horse is well known to be difficult and was mulish going down to the start,' explained stipendiary steward William Nunneley.
Kieren Fallon's trip north of the border proved disappointing with all his five mounts being beaten, the day having started ominously when the very mulish Twilight Sonnet unshipped him before the start of the McLean Homes European Breeders Fund Maiden Fillies' Stakes.
Clint Eastwood rescues nun Shirley MacLaine in Mexican saga played out to Ennio Morricone's mulish music.
Also, it's about keeping horses competitive early in a race, those who are mulish and not going for the rider.
Three disappointing efforts followed, including a mulish display at Goodwood, leaving me convinced that he was one to leave well alone despite excuses offered on his behalf that the firm ground had been against him and the official assessor may have taken his measure at a very early stage of his handicapping career.
The World Doping Agency, Fifa, the Court of Arbitration in Sport all felt the punishment could have been stiffer --up to two years' ban --yet Manchester United kept displaying all the paranoia and mulish instincts that have made them so unpopular with those who can see beyond blind loyalty.
If the Channel 4 apologists had poured any more whitewash on Tony McCoy after his five-day ban for banjoing Deano's Beano 50 times in two minutes to get his mulish mount to race at Cheltenham last week they would have needed to enlist the Forth Road Bridge crew.
They are entitled to do that, because there is no question that the mulish Scottish Government has been forced into accepting the wishes of the vast majority of Scottish parents.