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Guests can enjoy special drink offers that are available each week day from Mulled Mondays (mulled wine and cider for PS2) to Festive Friday's happy hour (5pm - 7pm all drinks PS2).
Like the bell for Pavlov's dog, the festive season triggers in me an overwhelming urge to drink mulled wine.
We cut that into a square, then dip it into mulled wine sugar and pan fry it to get it nice and crispy.
If you are eating at home, you can instantly set your fireworks party alight with stews and casseroles, freshly made toffee apples and a glass of warm beer or hot mulled wine to wash it all down with.
Occasionally mulled beer will turn up on a menu in a Manhattan restaurant or in the home of a curious and learned beer enthusiast, especially around the holiday season.
The new Mulled Window and Door System has been designed to maximize flexibility by joining a series of operable windows and swing doors to create one cohesive system without additional rafters or framing, while maintaining consistent, minimally interrupted site lines.
There is something very special about coming in from the cold and smelling the spicy aroma of mulled wine.
It tastes as good as other mulled wines, but perhaps could have done with a touch more ginger as this is its distinction.
MULLED wine is becoming increasingly popular as a British winter warmer, figures suggest.
The sand was mulled dry for one minute then for three minutes after the temper water was added.
The culinary alcohol supplier, Thomas Lowndes & Co Ltd of Prewetts Mill, Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, tel:0140 327 0007, are expanding their generic alcohol portfolio with the launch of a fortified mulled wine in a format suitable for use by the manufacturing industry.