multidisciplinary practice

multidisciplinary practice (MDP)

an organization that offers a range of professional services such as accountancy and law. Traditionally lawyers have been prevented from entering such arrangements because of the core ethical value of independence and service to the client in hand while at the same time honouring obligations to the court and justice. However, throughout the world demand from consumers, competition regulators and the large multinational accountancy firms is bringing pressure for change.
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The Brust-Zentrum Breast Centre is a renowned multidisciplinary practice specializing in providing diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment of breast lesions.
The cancer center features 27 infusion chairs; four linear accelerator vaults for radiation therapy; a high-tech intraoperative suite, which includes a 3T MRI; a four-season rooftop healing garden; meditation room; family resource center; multidisciplinary practice locations; and private space for genetic, financial, and nutrition counseling services.
Now based in Istanbul's Karakoy neighborhood and approaching its 10th anniversary next year, the firm employs a staff of about 10, and, in keeping with their multidisciplinary practice, they maintain flexibility in their division of labor.
222) Recognizing that "expanding technology, the globalization of financial markets, and increased government regulation had reshaped client demand for legal services," (223) the ABA formed the Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice in 1998.
See Appendix B: Witnesses at ABA Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice Hearings, A.
This edition has new material in the last chapter on the turmoil in the legal profession in the last two decades, especially since the 2008 recession, including the changes in the rules relating to advertising and solicitation by lawyers, the debates over multijurisdictional and multidisciplinary practice, the use of temporary and contract lawyers, the offshoring and onshoring of legal work, external financing of lawsuits, and the global trend toward allowing ownership of firms by non-lawyers.
In 1999, the ABA Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice issued a
A multidisciplinary practice, Austin-Smith:Lord is recognised for its informed, contextual approach which has seen them deliver many successful buildings in the UK.
In the 1980s the company began to widen its scope to become a multidisciplinary practice looking at a range of sectors from town planning to offices and then in 1991 the company merged with GR Eve, a planning and rating specialist based in London and Bristol, which doubled the size of the company overnight and saw the firm move to a new London headquarters in London at the height of the property boom.
The Evidence-Based Multidisciplinary Practice Model provided the template for protocol construction.
Led by Peter Miller in New York and Peter Gurfein in Los Angeles, the multidisciplinary practice group helps private equity, opportunity and hedge funds; investment banks; developers; REITs; mortgage and mezzanine lenders; and servicers address issues related to the credit crunch, the subprime mortgage crisis, declining real estate values and the surge in foreclosures.
of Amsterdam, the Netherlands), together with their contributors, build upon the European Society of Cardiology Syncope Guideline initiative in order to address criteria for diagnosis of the cause of syncope from history and physical examination; optimal diagnostic testing strategies; new insights into treatment options; and the need for a multidisciplinary structured approach to TLOC/syncope management, including development of a multidisciplinary practice guideline.

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