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Methods: Data was collected prospectively regarding number of multidisciplinary team meetings, number of clinical cases discussed, number of individual imaging studies reviewed, and preparation time of residents, senior registrar and consultants and the delivery time of meeting.
These professionals included physiotherapist, rehabilitation specialist, nurses, speech and language therapist, psychologist and occupational therapist with minimum two year work experience in multidisciplinary team.
Women with genetic conditions, and those at risk for genetic conditions, should have a preconception evaluation with a multidisciplinary team of caregivers that includes a genetic specialist, an obstetrician, and a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, according to the new recommendations.
Thus, patients will be able to function independently, with a higher quality of life, by associating psychotropic medication with several types of services that the multidisciplinary team can ensure, provided through the healthcare system.
The multidisciplinary team has found that in this way it can monitor cancer patients' status and progress on an ongoing basis.
The multidisciplinary team headed by Al-Rabeeah met several times to review the case of the twins.
Multidisciplinary team working in cancer: what is the evidence?
This study explored the perspectives of a multidisciplinary team al an HIV clinic in Canada mandated with addressing the diverse needs experienced by their HIV+ refugee clients.
Our multidisciplinary team was greatly inspired by the widely published, evidence-based research that spoke to the need for multiprofessional teams that addressed patient safety on a consistent basis.
This article reports on Edinburgh Connect, a multidisciplinary team that aims to build the capacity of staff to work therapeutically with children in residential care in the city.
We are very excited that our multidisciplinary team has been selected.

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