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Dry eye is a multifactorial disease of the tears and ocular surface diagnosed by an eye care professional.
Therefore, although nasal polyposis is a multifactorial disease with several different etiologic factors, chronic persistent inflammation is undoubtedly a major factor, irrespective of the etiology.
Gerra stated that substance abuse should be considered a complex multifactorial disease.
It is a multifactorial disease characterized by delusions and hallucinations, emotional withdrawal and apathy, poor attention and disorganization.
To illustrate the utility of this model, asthma was selected as an example of a common multifactorial disease as the pathological processes have been well established and a number of genetic variants that influence the disease have been identified in association studies.
Cancer is a complex, multifactorial disease and no unambiguous data link it to non-industrial exposure to synthetic chemicals.
The results of this study indicate that YPDS is a multifactorial disease in which pigeon circovirus might be a crucial factor, possibly by inducing immunosuppression in infected birds.
The results of these and other genetic studies of EH have led to the conclusion that EH is a multifactorial disease of delayed penetrance, with a substantial environmental influence.
Hamsters are prone to this after an episode of diarrhoea, eating laxative plants such as dandelions or 'wet tail' - a multifactorial disease.
Acne is a multifactorial disease involving a combination of hyperkeratinization in the sebaceous follicles, excess sebum production, and overgrowth of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes.

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