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MULTIFARIOUSNESS, equity pleading. By multifariousness in a bill, is understood the improperly joining in one bill distinct matters, and thereby confounding them; as, for example, the uniting in one bill, several matters, perfectly distinct and unconnected, against one defendant; or the demand of several matters of distinct natures, against several defendants in the same bill. Coop. Eq. Pl. 182; Mitf. by Jeremy, 181; 2 Mason's R. 201; 18 Ves. 80; Hardr. R. 337; 4 Cowen's R. 682; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4165.
     2. In order to prevent confusion in its pleadings and decrees, a court of equity will anxiously discountenance this multifariousness. The following case will illustrate this doctrine; suppose an estate should be sold in lots to different persons, the purchasers could not join in exhibiting one bill against the vendor for a specific performance; for each party's case would be distinct, and would depend upon its own peculiar circumstances, and therefore there should be a distinct bill upon each contract; on the other hand, the vendor in the like case, would not be allowed to file one bill for a specific performance against all the purchasers of the estate, for the same reason. Coop. Eq. Pl. 182; 2 Dick. Rep. 677; 1 Madd. Rep. 88; Story's Eq. Pl. Sec. 271 to 286. It is extremely difficult to say what constitutes multifariousness as an abstract proposition. Story, Eq. Pl. Sec. 530, 539; 4 Blackf. 249; 2 How. S. C. Rep. 619, 642; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4243.

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20) Although the principle seems straightforward, as Justice Antonin Scalia observed, "The discretionary nature of the doctrine, combined with the multifariousness of the factors relevant to its application .
Our resources, arguably broader and richer than his, may in their very multifariousness dilute their impact.
At the same time, the humanist interest in exploring the multifariousness of existence in order to gain an insight into the workings of the universe could not be further removed from the eclectic plateau of this exhibition, in which disparate components are mixed together with remarkable sparkle and wit, yet without once admitting occupied or cathected commitment to the meanings of their original parts.
The last chapter of the third section states that "the Jungian archetype goes far toward accounting for the dominance of the figure of the Alien in science fiction by suggesting the inner sources of its multifariousness (multiplicity and variety), persistence, fascination, and strangeness, and by identifying these as the hallmarks of its origin as an archetype--the archetype of Alterity or OtherSelfness--in the unconscious psyche" (271).
Unlike Harvard in 1908, the same university a century later can point to an ethnic and lifestyle multifariousness among its faculty and students that would not have been conceivable a hundred years ago.
That we should find two cultural varieties within this last minuscule shred of the pre-Islamic fabric of the Hindu Kush, gives us a little hint of the complexity and multifariousness of that ancient cultural world.
xi) Certainly if musical theater history has had a weak spot, it is that few scholars can be adept in all of these areas at the same time and conduct research that adequately addresses the multifariousness of the genre while at the same time representing it realistically.
They affect the space in which we live beyond simple embellishment, concentrating our minds on the complexities of light, colour and texture in more poetic ways--in other words, properly addressing the multifariousness of the physical world in which we live.
The college of bishops plays its role: "in so far as it is composed of many members, [it] is the expression of the multifariousness and universality of the People of God; and of the unity of the flock of Christ, in so far as it is assembled under one head" (no.
Throughout these sonnets, there is an insistent acknowledgement of God's presence in the world and of the spectator's instinct to praise God for the mysteriousness and multifariousness of his creation.
The multifariousness as such of the particular can only be guaranteed by something transcendent.
The Pope, (7) apparently Browning's spokesman, despite his keen awareness of the multifariousness and mutability of the world and the fallibility of his Church and its representatives, amplifies and reinforces these judgments.