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Many of the multiform films considered use complex narratives to create novel, unpredictable, and at times, shocking events and twists that offer spectators pleasures meant to compete with those offered by blockbusters" (18).
However, the grand tTheatre and the multiform theatre can also be combined into a super theatre with a 100m-long space for experimental theatrical possibilities.
Specifically, our longitudinal equation model takes a dynamic time series approach that not only considers the concurrent relationship involving independent variables (consumers' experience with multiform HMOs) and dependent variables (utilization of preventive services) at different time points to establish a predictive relationship in a temporal order; but also examines accumulative time lagging effects of early experience variables on the later utilization variables over distinct time periods.
Brain tumors known as Glioblastoma multiform cancer (GBM) are a particularly insidious form of the disease because they just don't stay still.
In addition to the anthology, the book includes a unique multiform collaborative poem, to which 23 poets from around the world contributed.
Regardless of this problematic, the inclusion of a brief introduction to the English translations of the orations would have helped potential readers to identify and appreciate the nuances of the different periods of sources on the Fatimids and the different audiences for the Fatimid orations, again, with the working assumption that the objectives of Fatimid and post-Fatimid historiographical works were multifold and multiform.
At a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Choe said North Korea "is ready to work with parties concerned to properly solve relevant issues through multiform dialogue and consultation, including the six-party talks.
North Korea "is ready to work with parties concerned to properly solve relevant issues through multiform dialogue and consultation, including the six-party talks," Choe Ryong Hae, director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army, was quoted by China's official Xinhua News Agency as telling Xi on Friday.
If He spoke To Peter then, He speaks to us the same: The word suits many different martyrdoms, And signifies a multiform of death (3.
According to Kamtekar, the primary purpose of personification for Plato is protreptic: hence, for example, the image in the Republic, book 9 of the soul as a multiform creature is intended to encourage us identify with, and develop, the best part of ourselves--the rational, 'human' part--while also drawing our attention to the necessity of 'taming' the 'lion-like' and 'beast-like' parts of ourselves.
Among the topics are adaptive pinning synchronization in complex dynamical networks with a novel adaptive law, a hybrid differential evolution algorithm with opposition-based learning, a space tether net system for capturing and removing debris, a reliable scene matching approach based on the fusion feature of correlation peak, barcode recognition based on multiform algorithms, modeling the interpersonal relationship network of rumor spreading, applying fuzzy control strategy in automatic parking path planning, predicting the secondary structure of proteins using new ways of classification, and visualizing a decision-making model of four objectives based on the balance of space vector.
This multiform performance told the story of an old lady and her recollections of her five lovers, in a series of short scenes set in locations ranging from desert -- complete with rolling tumbleweed -- to undersea (filmed in a fish tank).

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