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Indeed, the clash between the novel's anti-poverty narrative and its use of multiform capital to render its characters reveals Dickens's endorsement of the existing social hierarchy.
In other words, here we see Apollonius using the Homeric subtext to ring another, subtle change upon the gender reversal that underlies the Hylas/Persephone multiform by giving his nymphs a verb with martial undertones.
He also complained a 6-month history of multiform skin lesions including eczema-like rashes and prurigo-like rashes with intense itching on his trunk, limbs, and occipital scalp [Figure 1].
Nevirapine was suspected in the occurrence of two severe drug reactions including multiform erythema (1/41; 2.4%) and toxic epidermal necrolysis (1/41; 2.4%).
In a 46-year-old male with left frontotemporal multiform glioblastoma, carbamazepine 300 mg TID with serum level of 7.8 ug/mL was effective at ceasing the behavior [7].
Proponents of Pirandello's work will be especially excited to see this, given Pirandello's own preoccupation with how artistic form can kill off the vitality of life's natural flow, its changing, multiform existence.
The name he chooses, "subjective realist multiform cinema," is a bit of a mouthful, to be sure.
But he did note that the French action in Iraq was "multiform" and he pointed out that France has already delivered weapons to the Kurdish Peshmerga forces fighting the Islamic State.
TPAC's design is comprised of a 1,500-seat grand theatre, an 800-seat multiform theatre, and an 800-seat proscenium playhouse.
He deplored an incessant and multiform plot which is still adamantly targeting Bahrain's national security and stability, citing interference in Bahrain's internal affairs under cover of foreign aid.
The study examines an expansive array of meditations on and defenses of the implications of a Spanish-European modernity as they were registered in multiform exchanges among T.
The basic idea here is a rejection of the claim that thoughts are atomistic units, separable from each other and from the world, and Burbidge spends the remainder of the work exploring the complex, multiform kinds of integrated unities thought can achieve.

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