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Havel often calls upon the order of being" to justify free-market economics, all consistent (he believes) with a mystical and multiform vitalism.
Theatrical production in late-fifteenth-century Britain was ubiquitous and multiform.
Latino theologians have a refined example of what they have been seeking: an original theology in strict and ongoing dialogue with their multiform reality in the U.
Their rule is to adopt a term denoting a variety of objects as a name for a single object in its multiform variety.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Multiform Printers
The artist's pictorial preoccupations are multiform but enduring; still, the presentation would have profited from a more even dispersal--half the forty-four selections dated from the 1970s.
Classicists and other scholars, Europeans or their descendants, point out some of the multiform paths and channels.
Mr Cendan told the Committee that industrial and highly competitive farming is not compatible with multiform small-scale farming.
In place of the inherent and exclusive truth-claims of Latin, it proposes a model in which language is a malleable and multiform vehicle for the supralinguistic principle of Gospel truth.
From a historiographical point of view, Peterson's book represents a comprehensive and well-researched study of Fortini's multiform intellectual activities over his entire life span, but, at the same time, it lacks, as I have said, Peterson's own personal approach.
The author's ego moves in and out of its empirical dimension, more often than not in order to broaden out into the cosmic significance of humanity, becoming one with the multiform expressions of life (a film stuntman, a man alone, a second-rate actor, a defeated homosexual, an intellectual police detective, a neurotic, a cat lover).

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