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Within that one church, a maximum of creational diversity should be allowed for, but multiformity that ignores unity conflicts with the Bible.
To this end, in subsequent chapters of his monograph he stresses the role of multiformity in the oral traditions preserved in the DtrH and Chronicles.
HARAKAS, Stanley Samuel, European Multiformity and Dimensions of Orthodox Christian Social Ethics in George P.
The world order should be rebuilt on principles of multipolarity and multiformity, enabling every nation to develop freely and according to its traditions, world-view, faith and time-honoured models of political, informational and cultural order.
It is in this sense that bodies can be seen as telling their own story, a story of substantive divergence and irreducible disparity: gold, iron, wood, different principles of embodiment, the multiformity of corporeality, and so on.
So, in search for the multiformity that would have served them better, they have made a significant change for the home game against lowly Hinckley this week.
One might perhaps think that a person who has seen death in its entirety - not in its nakedness but in its multiformity, in its richness, dynamism, and passion - would feel the same.
Or, rather, it is the point: for ordinary conceptions of the lived world and of human agency admit the multiformity of affective and effective functions.
Because of their multiformity, they continue to be the most popular device on the market.
The cogwheels of all of these spheres," Kuyper argues, "engage each other, and precisely through that emerges the rich, multi-faceted, multiformity of human life.
makes the good observation that variety in forms of punishment reflects aspects of multiformity in the work, which makes the narrative paradigmatic of the misfortunes resulting from contact with magic.